SensusAccess Service at a Glance

SensusAccess is a self-service solution intended for students, faculty, staff, alumni and others with a need to convert material into alternate formats. Based on web and e-mail and combining a wide range of assistive and mainstream conversion technologies with an easy-to-use user interface, the service is entirely automated. With SensusAccess, users can convert most popular document types into the following target formats:
  • MP3 audio files: MP3 files are highly portable, play on a vast number of devices but may be difficult to navigate.
  • Structured audio books in both DAISY and EPUB/Media Overlay format: Structured audio books include synchronised text and audio as well as all the features needed to navigate the documents.
  • E-books (Digital Large-Print): E-books are reflowable, making it possible to scale up the text, substitute fonts, and make changes to the foreground colors, background colors, line spacing, and scrolling direction.
  • Digital Braille books: The resulting digital Braille books are ready to be embossed on a Braille embosser, displayed on a Braille display, or loaded on a Braille notetaker.
In addition, users can use SensusAccess to convert otherwise inaccessible or tricky formats into more accessible formats. These accessibility features include conversion of image files and image-only PDF documents into Word, RTF and text files, conversion of image-only PDF documents into tagged (= accessible) PDF documents, and conversion of PowerPoint presentations into web projects, tagged PDF, or RTF outline files.