UCR students volunteers as peer mentors with the Student Disability Resource Center.





ASPIRE (Abilities-focused Students: Planning, Informing, Resource building, Exploring employment) is a career-development and professional-leadership program focused on the enhancement and exploration of career skills and transferable life skills for undergraduate students with disabilities. This program is hosted by the Career Center in collaboration with SDRC in an effort to assist students on their career path. Visit the Career Center's website for more information.

Access Technology Workshops

These events showcase current technologies available to registered SDRC students. Contact for more information or to make a request.

  • Speech to Text/Transcription
  • E-book/Electronic Text Readers
  • Smart Pen Technology
  • Note Taking Technology
  • Document Conversion Technology (available to all UCR students, faculty, staff, and alumni)
  • Built-in Access Technology for iOS/Android/MAC/Windows
  • Other Requested Technology Topics

Neurodiversity Mixers

Once a month, a themed mixer is offered to students who identify as neurodivergent or on the autism spectrum. These events serve as a platform for students to voice their concerns on the type of supports they would like as neurodiverse students. Student participants also have the opportunity to be including in the planning process.

SDRC Peer Mentor Program

Peer Mentors* are student volunteers that help facilitate a students transition to UCR. They assist newly registered students with:

  • disability awareness and accommodations at the university level
  • providing guidance to and directions on how to access resources on campus
  • goal setting and progress monitoring

*Peer mentors are juniors and seniors who are also registered with SDRC and partake in ongoing training to ensure they can support their mentee(s).

Student Disability Union (SDU)

SDU is a passionately student-led organization with a mission to work closely and personally with other diverse organizations and faculty to support students with disabilities, with a common goal of campus involvement, connection, and friendly community building. This organization meets twice a month.

Time Management Workshop

The Time Management Workshop Series assists students with disabilities in evaluating the necessary work and personal time management skills needed while attending UCR. Students participate in the workshop develop and organizational system that documents/tracks their daily routines and habits. Workshops are offered during the first month of each quarter (one hour, once a week)

Outreach, Informational Session, and Training Opportunities

SDRC offers opportunities for faculty, staff, and student organizations to gain awareness about various topics. If you are interested in having SDRC attend your meeting, please contact

Here are examples of activities available:

  • disAbility Ally Training
  • Sighted Guide Training
  • SDRC Outreach (tabling)
  • SDRC Presentations Aimed at a Target Audience