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The Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) campus offices are operating regular business hours, Monday through Friday, from 8:00am - 5:00pm. This includes regular in-person staff coverage. Need an appointment with a staff member? The good news is you can meet with staff to happen via Zoom or in-person. To schedule an appointment call 951-827-3861 or submit a request through the Appointment Request Form. Plan to go to the SDRC offices in the Student Services Building? Please read this important information before you go!


Apply for Accommodations

Students seeking accommodations through the SDRC must engage in the interactive process at least two weeks prior to the start of services being requested. The interactive process is an individual (case-by-case) assessment of current disability documentation, an interview with the student seeking accommodations, and review of the academic environment. The interactive process results in the identification of reasonable and needed accommodations that the student is eligible to access.

Because UCR is an adult* learning environment, accessing disability related accommodations is a student-driven process. This means that the student with the disability is the one who applies for accommodations, engages in the interactive process, and is responsible for accessing approved accommodations. If there is a change in the academic environment or how the student is impacted by their disability, the student is encouraged to re-engage in the interactive process to identify any needed updates to the accommodations plan.

SDRC services are free, private, and available to all registered UCR students. Use of SDRC services is not reflected in a student's academic transcript.

SDRC invites Students with Disabilities to register to vote.

*For students under the age of 18, their parent/legal guardian assumes the student-driven process.

If you are registered with UCR Extension, please contact UCR Extension Student Resources Students with Disabilities by phone at (951) 827-4105 or email at

Request an Appointment

To be eligible for disability-related accommodations and services through the SDRC, students need to complete the following steps:

  1. Apply for accommodations (Register with SDRC as a student with a disability) via the R'Ability website.
  2. Provide appropriate disability documentation.
  3. Meet with a disability specialist and be approved for accommodations.
  4. Request the approved accommodations by the stated time frame.

Accommodation Information

Please Note:  Requests for academic accommodations submitted after week eight of instruction will be processed after final exams week.