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Providing Extended Time for Exams in Canvas

This tutorial will cover how to modify the quiz time allotted to individual students in Canvas on a particular quiz. If you have received an accommodation request from a student to provide them with extended time on assessments, the steps below will take you through the process to provide that accommodation.
  1. First, set the time limit you want to apply to all of your students to the quiz by selecting the Edit button for the quiz.
    Options to edit quiz time settings: Edit selected
  2. Select the checkbox labeled Time Limit under Options, and then type in the minutes students will have to complete the quiz.
    Time limit option in minutes
  3. Some instructors set Available From and Available Until times for the quiz (under the Assign section of the Quiz edit page). If you do this, ensure that the window of available time is at least as long as the longest extended quiz time needed for any of your students. For example, if you set the time limit for the quiz to be 1 hour, but you have a student with an accommodation of double time, you will need to ensure that your Available From – Until time window is at least two hours long.
    Assign quiz, due date, and availability range.
  4. Save your changes, then return to the quiz page. You will need to select Publish before you can edit the amount of time specific students receive on the quiz.
    Note: If you don’t want your students to be able to see the quiz when you select Publish, make sure the “Available from” date on the quiz Edit page is set to a future date and time.
    Published status for Quiz
  5. Select the Moderate This Quiz link in the Related Items sidebar.
    Moderate Quiz option
  6. Select the checkbox next to the student you want to change the time limit for, then select the link at the bottom of the list of students that reads “Change Extensions for 1 Selected Students”.
    Extensions option for selected students
  7. Enter the amount of extended time under Extra time on every attempt, and select Save.
    Extra time allotted for each attempt.
  8. The amount of extended time the student has on the quiz should now show up under their name. You can now unpublish the quiz if you like, and your Moderate Quiz settings will remain saved.
    Verification of time allotted for each student accommodation.
Please email SDRC if you have questions or require assistance in implementing this accommodation for students.