Accommodation and Online Services


What is R'Ability?

R'Ability is an online platform that provides collaboration between the SDRC, students with disabilities, faculty, and note takers. It facilitates the following functions:

  • Pre-registration for services for students with disabilities
  • Quarterly accommodation requests for students to notify faculty of their approved accommodations by making Letters of Accommodation available to faculty
  • Schedule course tests/exams/quizzes with accommodations at the SDRC Testing Center
  • Portal for faculty to view Letters of Accommodations and to provide/confirm details about the test/exam/quiz scheduled with accommodations by a student for their course(s
  • Note sharing for a student to volunteer as a notetaker and upload notes, and for students with disabilities to request and retrieve notes
  • Calendar for students registered with SDRC to see their scheduled appointments and exams

Tutorials for R’Ability Online Services

As a student or faculty member using R’Ability for the first time, we have created some short, easy guides for you. Please select the topic you wish to learn more about.