Graduate and Professional Students with Disabilities

Graduate and professional education is very different than undergraduate education, so the process is also a bit different.  Disability related accommodations are available to graduate and professional students, services are private, and free.  To apply for accommodations, please follow the steps on Apply for Accommodations weblink


Commonly asked questions about accommodations in graduate/professional programs?

What type of disability accommodations are available for graduate student?

It depends.  Because each graduate and professional program is unique, the type of accommodation and how they are accessed can vary from program to program. 

I received accommodations in my undergraduate program, do I qualify for the same type of accommodations as I did in my prior program/school?

Not necessarily.   History of accommodations may guide us in identifying what has worked in different environments; however, because graduate school is different, it is possible that new accommodations will be identified and approved, while other may not.  It is a case my case. 

I'm not sure if I want to register for accommodations at this level.  Can I talk to someone outside my academic department about this?

YES!  You may schedule an appointment with SDRC to consult about your options and learn more about what types of accommodations may be available for you, and the process to access them.  For minor questions, you may email  To schedule an appointment please call 951-827-3861.  Also, please complete an online pre-registration by following the steps on the Apply for Accommodations webpage.  Please make sure to provide completed UCR Certificate of Disability or disability documentation consistent with the UCR documentation guidelines when requesting accommodations. 

When should I reach out to SDRC if I think I am going to need accommodations?

As you as possible.  Due to the nature of graduate/professional education, some accommodations may require months of preparation, while others can be coordinated in under a week. 


Can I get accommodations for Qualifying Exams/Comprehensive Exams/High states exams?

YES.  However, depending on the nature of exam, and where it is coming from, some exams can take months to coordinate.  The discuss information or request to take these types of exams with accommodations, please email for guidance.  SDRC R'Ability exam schedule module is not available for qualifying/comprehensive exams.