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Our SDRC Academic Support Center (ASC) offers several services for eligible students with verified temporary or permanent disabilities, including: exam accommodations, library assistance, Computer-Aided Real-Time Translation (CART) and sign language interpreters.

The SDRC Academic Support Center (ASC) can only provide services to registered students with approved accommodations¹, please visit Apply for Accommodations or  Accessing Services once approved. Students can access exam and note sharing accommodations through R'Ability (please see tutorial here).  For other accommodations, please contact the appropriate email below:

Exam accommodations: 

UCR placement exam accommodations:
Sign language or CART accommodations:  


SDRC Academic Support Center (ASC) Contact Information 

Rebecca Aguiar, Coordinator of Academic Support Center

Hanna Randolph, Academic Support Center Lead Assistant

Kyle McNair-Robinson, Academic Support Center Assistant

  • Location
    1213 Student Services Building
    Hours 8am - 5pm
    Voice: (951) 827-3028
    Fax: (951) 827-6310

¹Students who use the SDRC for exams, note sharing or other accommodations are expected to adhere to UCR Student Conduct Code and Academic Integrity policies. Violations of policy may result in referral to the Student Conduct and Academic Integrity office for possible disciplinary action.

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