The Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) campus offices are operating regular business hours, Monday through Friday, from 8:00am - 5:00pm. This includes regular in-person staff coverage. Need an appointment with a staff member? The good news is you can meet with staff to happen via Zoom or in-person. To schedule an appointment call 951-827-3861 or submit a request through the Appointment Request Form. Plan to go to the SDRC offices in the Student Services Building? Please read this important information before you go!

Student Affairs departments are open. Please check the Student Affairs homepage for hours, service offerings, and contact methods. For the latest campus reopening plans, safety guidelines, and requirements, visit Campus Return.


Computer Aided Real-Time Captioning (CART)

If a student in your course has requested Computer Aided Real-Time Captioning (CART) as an accommodation, a staff member from SDRC will contact you via email to find out more information about your course. Please be aware that vendors are currently only providing virtual services at this time. Therefore, SDRC will need to work with you and the student regarding the use of technology to ensure the student has access to CART while doing coursework. SDRC may at times be able to secure in-person CART providers, but should not be expected as an option to virtual interpreting services.

CART Services and Zoom (Verbit)

SDRC will schedule a Verbit captioner to provide CART services to students who have been approved for that accommodation. Please provide the Zoom meeting link and password to “Verbit captions” is the Participant name of the Verbit captioner that will attend the meeting.

Zoom: Sharing the API Token with the Verbit Captioner

To allow Verbit to caption the meeting, please share the API token with Verbit in a message. The Verbit captioner will send the host a message when the meeting begins, reminding the host to share the API token. Instructions can be found below:
  1. The Host selects “CC.”
  2. Select “Copy the API token.”
  3. Paste the API token into a chat message to the participant “Verbit captions.”

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact