Using Alternative Media


Agreement on the Use of Recorded, Electronic, or Other Alternatively Formatted Course Materials

  • I agree that I am enrolled for the quarter and the particular course(s) for which I am requesting alternatively formatted instructional materials.
  • I have provided the designated institution with appropriate documentation of the disability that prevents me from using standard instructional material. I understand that this documentation will be kept on file at the university.
  • I will provide a copy of proof of ownership of the required course materials for which I am requesting alternate formats.
  • I agree that I will not copy or reproduce alternatively formatted instructional materials nor allow anyone else to do so pursuant to the requirements of the Copyright Act of 1976, as amended (17 U.S.C. §101 et seq.).
  • I will not share alternatively formatted materials with any other party.
  • If and when I 1) re-sell my copy of the standard materials, or 2) drop the course, I will return the alternatively formatted instructional materials to the SDRC.
  • I understand that any violation of this agreement may be considered a violation of the college’s student code of conduct. Violations may also constitute a violation of federal and/or state laws and may result in civil proceedings and payment of fines or other moneys to the copyright holder. Furthermore, if I violate this agreement the publisher may not be required to provide electronic formats of any other instructional materials to the university for me to use.
  • Submitting a request for alternate formats constitutes my understanding and compliance to these terms.
  • I have read and understand the policies and procedures outlined above and agree to comply with them.

Students are highly encouraged to purchase e-text versions of required textbooks. When e-text is not available, the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) works with the campus bookstore, the publishers, and other partners to provide course materials in e-text formats. Please submit your Alternate Media Request using the form on this page as soon as course materials are announced. Required course material will be prioritized.

  1. Submit copies of purchased book receipt(s) AND course syllabus (identify Required and Recommended readings) to soon as assigned course materials are announced.
  2. Deliver materials to be converted to the SDRC after submitting your Alternate Media Request Form.
  3. If you drop a course or your reading assignment changes, email as soon as possible to update production schedule.

When an e-version of a book is not available, it could take weeks to create it. To avoid delays, it is best to purchase e-version of all available textbooks.


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