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Academic Support Center   


Academic Support Center 

Services That Help You Focus on Learning

Our Academic Support Center (ASC) offers several services for eligible students with verified temporary or permanent disabilities, including: special exam arrangements, text in alternate formats, note-sharing, adaptive equipment, assistive technology software and hardware, and library assistance.

On a quarterly basis, on completion and submission of the Services Request Form to the ASC, letters to faculty are prepared which identify the accommodations each student is eligible to receive; exam Authorization forms are provided when special testing arrangements have been approved to be administered at the ASC. Please read the ASC Exam Procedures below for more information.

Note-sharing is available on a volunteer basis. Upon request, a letter, prepared by the ASC for the student to give to the course instructor, requests the instructor to announce that a student with a disability needs a volunteer note-taker. The volunteer is asked to contact the ASC to make arrangements. The identity of the student with a disability can remain confidential.

Computer-Aided Real-Time Translation (CART) and Sign Language Interpreters services for academic support are arranged by the Academic Support Center.

Be sure to contact the Student Disability Resource Center to establish eligibility!

SDRC Academic Support Center Contact Information 

Rebecca Aguiar, Coordinator of Academic Support Center

Hanna Randolph, Academic Support Center Assistant

Jennifer Ingels, Alternate Media Specialist

  • Location
    1213 Student Services Building
    Hours 8am - 5pm
    Other times by appointment
    Voice(951) 827-3028
    Fax (951) 827-6310
    Email: ssdasc@ucr.edu


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E-mail: sdrc@ucr.edu

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