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Student Access and Mobility Support

Student Access and Mobility Support

Other access assistance: you on the go

If you are a registered SDRC student with a verified permanent or temporary disability, the SDRC may offer or coordinate other accommodations and services (as determined on a case by case basis) including:

  • Classroom furniture accommodation needs
  • Campus Housing disabilty-related accommodation needs
  • Campus Residential Meal Plan accommodation needs (serious food allergies/heath-related conditions)
  • Accommodations for students who are having significant pregancy-related health complications
  • Student Parking Accommodations (medical parking permits only)
  • Referral and certification of eligibility for on-campus mobility transportation services. For information or temporary use of on-campus mobiity transport please visit TAPS Mobility or contact 951-827-3872 or If you will need to use TAPS Mobility more than one week, you will need to be approved through SDRC.
  • Do you have a trained service dog that assists with your disability while on campus? Students are encouraged to register with SDRC, to assist with services and advocacy.
  • Students who would like to have an emotional support animal (ESA) on campus to mitigate a disabling condition must receive approval from the SDRC to have the ESA as an accommodation.  ESAs are typically only considered for students with disabilities in campus housing facilities. Requests to have ESAs in other campus locations will be considered through the interactive process, on a case-by-case basis.


Other resources


Off-Campus Alternative Transportation resources

Get around town! A valid R'Card is your ticket to free transportation on any Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) bus. Several bus stops are located on or near campus. View RTA bus route schedules:

If you need an urgent ride to the Student Health Services, call TAPS Mobility Transport directly at (951) 827-3872.

In case of emergency, dial 911.

Please contact the SDRC for questions or assistance, at or 951-827-3861.