Disability Related Accommodations for Medical Students

Welcome to the UCR Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC).  Students with disabilities are encouraged to meet with SDRC to access all available resources as soon as possible to ensure ample time to coordinate needed accommodations. To ensure an accessible education experience, the UCR School of Medicine and SDRC work together to identify, coordinate, and provide accommodations and support to students with disabilities. Early planning and coordination is critical to this process.

Accommodations may be available at various phases of your medical education, including classes, labs, PBLS, LACE, OSCE and CPS Exams, Clinical Rotations, and exams (class, Shelf, NBME, etc.).

To apply for accommodations for, please visit the Apply for Accommodations website to begin the process. Because of the various settings in medical education, it is critical to begin the conversation about accommodations as soon as possible to ensure timely coordination of services. Please reach out to Maria Keller at SDRC with questions about disability access and accommodations.

Shelf Exams Accommodations Requests
  1. Notify your clerkship director by email at least four weeks before the start of the clerkship and attach a copy of your Letter of Accommodation.
  2. Shelf exams are ordered at the beginning of the block, so you must notify the clerkship director approximately four weeks before the block begins to avoid complications with arranging your accommodations.
  3. All clerkship exam accommodations are accommodated via the course coordinators of those programs. Student must contact the clerkship coordinator directly if they wish to use accommodations on their clerkship exams (shelf exams).
Step Exams Accommodations Requests

USMLE Test Accommodations: Requests for accommodations on USMLE Step exams are made directly to The National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) and do not go through SDRC, although we do assist students in the process. Please visit the examination website to learn about documentation requirements and expected timelines (planning ahead is critical).