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Read the Checklist for Requesting Services to see each step for obtaining services at UCR.  Familiarize yourself with this process as soon as you have decided to attend UCR in order to ensure that your services are in place at the beginning of your first quarter.  Please remember, a written, signed request for accommodation and applicable documentation (such as a physician's certification) are necessary when making a request for accommodations. Students in need of temporary services should contact the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) at (951) 827-3861.  

  • The University is not required to provide accommodations that result in a fundamental alteration of the program of instruction.
  • Students are required to provide current documentation of a disability to the SDRC office prior to receiving academic accommodations.
  • University of California guidelines identify specific requirements for documentation of learning disabilities, ADHD and related disabilities. Academic accommodations are determined, in part, by diagnostic recommendations identified in disability documentation.
  • Please note:  UCR does not provide testing for Learning Disabilities or ADHD.
  • In order to receive academic accommodations in a timely fashion, students are requested to complete SDRC forms according to established policies. Before each quarter begins, students complete SDRC request forms that identify individual classes in which the student wishes to receive academic accommodations. Upon completion and submission of forms to SDRC, letters to faculty are prepared that identify the accommodations each student is eligible to receive.
  • Incoming students are encouraged to review Expectations:  How College Differs.

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General Campus Information

University of California, Riverside
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Student Disability Resource Center
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Tel: 951-827-3861
Fax: 951-827-4218
E-mail: sdrc@ucr.edu

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